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    NKD is designed for families, youth and festival spirited adults.


    NKD is a boutique festival for those who love to be free - a clothes free world for those who want to just be.

    Now in it's second year, the festival has been designed to encourage families and youth to explore the clothes free world in a safe, fun and free-spirited environment.


    NKD is held at a site in Dorset.

    A beautiful location surrounded by woodland, open fields and wildlife.


    NKD is coming back in 2020...


    Because we are ALL beautiful, its a wonderful community and it's fun!

  • So when you say NKD, you mean like Naked Naked......

    Do I really have to be naked?

    NKD is a clothes-free event and nudity is permitted 24/7 and encouraged.


    Ultimately we want everyone to be happy and NKD is the perfect way for people to try out social nudity for the first time. We understand that not everyone is as confident as one another and everyone’s decision will be respected.


    We hope the spirit of the NKD Festival and (hopefully) the weather will allow for the perfect setting for inhibitions to be shed.


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