But why?

    Why not?


    We live in a world where we are made to conform, media tell us who is pretty and who is not – this is about chucking all that out of the window and enjoying clothes-freedom, and experiencing the most body positive thing you will ever do! Everyone is beautiful!


    If you have never experienced it, it is Its utterly bonkers doing all these things NKD but only for the first five minutes. Honestly, after a few minutes your new, NKD world will seem very normal – honest!


    Plus its good for you… so good, you were even born naked!!

    Who is it for?

    The event is designed for families, youth and festival spirited young adults.

    Families and groups are encouraged to share pitches and make a weekend of it.

    There are separate camping areas for Families and Youth.


    If you ask the question ‘am I too old for this’ then you probably are!

    Festival spirited adults are welcomed particularly if you are joining extended family and friend groups.

    Who is organising it?

    NKD is organised by Xennial Group Ltd on behalf of British Naturism.

    Xennial are the contracted events company for the majority of British Naturism Events, and are experienced in large-scale event management and event safety...


    We organise many events nationwide in hotels, swimming pools and festival sites, and are no stranger to hosting large-scale clothes free events


    You are in good hands!

    Safeguarding & Children

    British Naturism is a family-based Naturist organisation. The safety and care of all our members and guests is our priority.


    The whole aim of this event is to introduce the next generation to a clothes free world, and to explore that world as a family.

    Children don’t care if they are wearing clothes or not, it’s adults who make them get dressed! They grow up with a better understanding of what will happen to their bodies and enjoy a relaxed, outdoor life.


    We take safeguarding seriously...

    At all events we work with the local police and community support teams to provide a safe and secure environment.

    For NKD we have photo I.D. requirements for anyone over 18. Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    Max ratio One Adult : Three Children.

    The Venue

    Please check the NKD Venue page for a dedicated venue FAQ.


    Here are some edited highlights:

    • Camping Only - Caravans & Motorhomes are not permitted. There is space for 10 small campervans
    • Food & Drink - You can buy onsite or you can bring your own
    • No Glass
    • No Dogs