NKD Vibe

Our community is something very special...

Real people, real stories, real respect.

It’s hard to put into words the atmosphere at NKD – but everyone who attended our first two festivals agrees that it’s the community aspect that makes it so special. By focussing the demographic on youth and families, we’ve been able to create a respectful family environment, packed with fun and games, awesome entertainment and spaces to rest and relax.

There’s so much going on, you can create your own NKD Festival experience.

"NKD is the highlight of our year" - Kieran & Maz

So when you say NKD, you mean like NAKED naked?

Yep - NKD is a clothes-free event. Nudity is permitted 24/7 – and encouraged!
We designed NKD to be  the perfect way for people to try out social nudity for the first time.


But we all understand (as organisers and attendees) that not everyone is as confident as one another (or comfortable at the same temperatures!). Everyone’s personal decisions are respected here.
That said, we hope the spirit of NKD Festival and (hopefully) the weather will allow for the perfect setting for inhibitions to be shed.
If you have questions, check out our FAQ section.


Our Vision

We want the youth of today, and our children, to grow up in tune with our bodies, respecting ourselves and others. We believe body confidence leads to more self-confidence and happiness along life’s journey, and we want more people to experience it..

NKD Festival

NKD Festival is British Naturism's Youth and Family Festival.

Based near Poole in Dorset.

27th - 31st August 2020

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