NKD Festival

NKD Festival is British Naturism's Youth and Family Festival.

Based near Poole in Dorset.

27th - 31st August 2020

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The Clothes-free Festival

Grrrrr CV-19

NKD is currently going ahead as planned - we will monitor the situation. Please keep booking...

Your payments will be returned in full if we did have to cancel

27th - 31st August 2020

Let's get NKD!

NKD is a boutique four-day festival designed for families, youth and festival-spirited adults – a safe and encouraging environment for those who want to experience a clothes-free world.

NKD has quickly become a permanent fixture on the Naturist calendar, but you don't need to be a seasoned Naturist to enjoy it! Now in its third year, the festival has already encouraged plenty of families and youth to explore Naturism for the first time.

This unique clothes-free festival is held at a site in Dorset – a beautiful location surrounded by woodland, open fields and wildlife. It’s the perfect place to leave  the outside world behind, meet like-minded people and have loads of fun!

Why NKD's special

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